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How I Rate

My rating system is extremely straightfoward and uncomplicated. Instead of using a generalized rating, such as a book having five stars or is simply a nine out of ten, I've broken it up into four categories, each worth 25 points. The categories are:

1) Plot -- This category sizes up the plot and rates it to see if it's believable, or at least plausible in the world written in.
2) Characters/Characterization -- This category rates the characters and the character development, with points being knocked down if there is not enough information on any main character or if they seem platonic.
3) Movement of Action -- This tells if the plot moves nicely throughout the book or if it seems to drag along in places.
4) Overall writing -- If I like the writing style, or idea, or theme, this will reflect that.

The best a book can get is a total of 100 (with 100 being best and 1 being the worst). Books whose ratings are between 85 and 100 will have a Recommended on them. I try to be very picky as to which books get this label; most of the time it is to books or series that anybody will like, not just books in one specific genre. Please remember though that there are many books that are some of the best books and might not have this tag next to them. These reviews are my own opinions; I welcome anyone contacting me and asking why I said something that I did. I just ask that you don't flame me if you do decide to contact me; Hotmail has a little button called Block Sender and it's not too hard to eliminate you from my life altogether if it gets too bad.

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