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Tad Williams

Coming onto the scene in 1986 with the book Tailchaser's Song, a story about the adventures of an orange tabby cat, Tad Williams has gone on to publish two bestselling series: Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn and Otherland. Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, an epic fantasy based on a boy named Simon in Osten Ard, and Otherland, a futuristic cyberpunk style book where VR and surfing the net are as normal as watching television, show Tad Williams' diversity in genres. From epic fantasy to bestselling science fiction, Tad Williams has proven himself to be one of the leaders in the scifi-fantasy genre.

To view this page's reviews for each book, go to the top and click on the cover of the book you'd like to see. For more information on the author herself or what others think of her books, go to the following links:

Tad Williams' home page
A messageboard for Tad Williams fans (which the author frequents)
Tad Williams on
Tad Williams at

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