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There once was a girl who lived in the US who met a boy online. He was a real gentleman, and as sweet as chocolate. She actually met him through a chatroom, and they got to chatting and found they had a bit in common. For example, both had lost their mothers recently in car crashes. Both felt lonely, isolated from all humanity because they were home schooled. The boy said that lots of girls liked him though, and the girl just called him a vain peacock as a joke. The nickname stuck, and his handle became Peacock. He always talked about Hollywood, how it would be nice to come over from Great Britain to see it, so she just made her handle Holly_Wood.

They met online as much as each could find time for. He was travelling a lot, but used a laptop to keep in touch with her. She was at home almost all the time, except when she was at church or out on chores, but couldn't get online until late at night. It usually worked out though since her late nights were his early mornings, so they talked on average 3 hours a night every night just about anything that came to mind.

They tried cybersex once, but both confessed that they were laughing in front of their computer, so didn't try it again.

She once expressed a desire to meet him. He paused for a long time, so long she thought he was gone, then replied that that wouldn't be good. Saddened but sure it was for a good reason (like he was ugly or crippled or some other ailment) she didn't talk about it again.

They fought sometimes, and there were times when the fights were so bad they didn't speak to each other for a while. But someone always emailed the other apologizing, and they always forgave and got back "together" online. They asked for each other's picture, so she sent him a glamour shot photo she'd scanned, and he sent her a cartoon drawing of himself that had been done by some street artist it seemed. It had been cute though, and she could see that, unless his nose and ears really were that big that he was pretty handsome.

Then came the year that her church choir was going on tour ... to England! She was ecstatic when she told him, and he seemed happy too. He told her to be sure and visit the palace, and the changing of the guards, and that many of the churches were very nice. She told him that she would be singing a solo at one of the larger churches in London, then moving on to Ireland. She begged him to come see her, and he promised to do what he could. So, when the time came and school was out, and she was all packed, she boarded the plane with her choir and headed off to the UK.

She truly did have a blast. It seemed her church was going to all the places he'd recommended, and she really did like them! But she missed being online with him; she hadn't brought her laptop because it was too expensive and she didn't want to break it.

Finally came the church where she was going to be in the large church in London. When they got there, they were informed that one of the royal family would be there to watch as well! The whole group was amazed, and curious as to which royal it was; probably some duke that wasn't high up but popular. Still, some people thought that it would be someone from the royal family. But they were surprised when they were told it would be one of the princes'. Of course, they sang their absolute best, although the bright lights kept them from seeing faces, even though many squinted to see the face of the prince, wherever he was.

When it was finished, she got off the stage quickly to see if he would show up....but nobody did. Disappointed but happy that it went well, she finished her tour and came back. The moment she got home, she hugged her parents, turned on the computer, and went online (it was late). He was there as he'd promised, but he said that he had to go soon. She poured out as fast as possible what had happened: how she'd loved England, its castles, its cathedrals. She told him quickly about how the prince of england, or one of them, had been at the church. He simply said that he knew. When asked how he knew, he told her that he had been there, but had needed to leave before the choir was completely finished; however, he had really liked her solo.