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Welcome to my prose page, the offshoot from my original story page. I do hope that you will read these works I have here. Some of them are longer than others, but all are pretty good in my (quite biased) opinion. However, if you disagree with me in any way (and I mean any way), please tell me by filling out the critique form at the bottom of each story. You needn't be specific; just tell me if you liked it or not, but I would like some feedback as to any ideas. Thank you.

Copywrite rules

The Christmas Story
A story I did a while back about the Christmas story (Mary and Joseph)

Only the River Runs Free
I saw the title on a book, and this idea popped into my mind

Starting Over
Actually, this was an introductory post to a PBEM I used to be part of

A Child Dragon
Was going to be the prologue to a story; hope it will be again someday

Another intro to another PBEM I was a part of

Any comments? Ideas? Please email me with any critiques or comments you have about my works. I'd really appreciate it. I also have a form you may fill out if emailing is too much a hassle.

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