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There's No Such Thing As A Wasted Day

By Sarah Pearson

Elayne glanced at her husband as he followed behind her, blindfolded. She occassionally peeked at him as she walked him towards their destination, frankly admiring him as he stood oblivious to her stare. Even at fourty plus years, he still had such a beautiful body; he had been working construction all his life since he was eighteen. It certainly showed, especially in his arms. She loved to squeeze his muscles, even though it surprised him sometimes; yet she just couldn't get enough. He was, so far, taking after his mother's side in that he had a full head of dark brown hair instead of his father's balding head. She liked that about him as well.

"Honey, where are you taking me?" he asked in a gruff voice, his hand tightening slightly around hers. She smiled slightly to herself, rubbing her thumb along his palm but keeping silent. She loved his hands as well, such marvelous things. Hard, calloused, they were a working man's hands. They were made for rough work; a life of construction work. But today, they wouldn't be handling wood or steel.

She thanked God again for bringing about a day like today. For years she had been wanting to do this; it had been her fantasy even before she had married Robert. Yet he had never had the time, nor the inclination, to do this. He always wanted to be in control, in life as well in bed.

Not today though.

Elayne grinned evilly, her face still masked by the blindfold around her husband's eyes. This was certainly going to be fun, especially if he cooperated...

"Elayne! Where are we going!?"

"You'll see, dear," she all but purred, pulling him into their room and closing the door. She could see his hand was itching to tear off the blindfold; once again she was happy that he had a sense of honor, enough so that he wouldn't break a promise to her. And he'd promised to let her remove the blindfold.

"Right here," she stated, standing him in the center of the room. She paused to look at him again, getting hot just standing there; then she stated, "Put your arms up, parallel to the ground."

"What?" Robert asked, puzzled.

"Please, put your arms out in a tee shape," she repeated, smiling. Seeing him pause, she added, "I won't tickle you or anything, I promise."

Reluctantly, still blindfolded, he raised his arms so they were parallel with the ground. Praying he would like this, she took the two items and with a *click**click* they were fastened to his wrists.

He reacted like she'd thought he would. "Elayne!" he roared as his hands were held captive in the handcuffs. "What the hell are you doing!?"

"All in good time sweety," she answered, growing a bit nervous. What if he didn't like it....but she pushed such thoughts away. It wouldn't be good to think such things. "Robert, I promise you you'll love this," she stated soothingly. Then she stepped up and removed his blindfold.

Robert opened his mouth to shout at his wife, to demand to know what was going on; only to have his jaw seem to become unhinged as he glimpsed at what his wife was wearing. Or maybe *wasn't* wearing! His eyes travelled up and down her body, taking in the black leather intermingled with the lace. Her breasts spilled enticingly out of a hole in the front of her outfit, and a collar was fastened around her neck. Her legs seemed much longer than he remembered them, and tapered off into a downy mound... He gulped slightly, his body reacting instinctively to the site before him.

Elayne forgot all her misgivings and approached her husband, standing close enough that her breasts were touching his lower chest and her stomach was against his erection. "I've been waiting to do this since we were married," she stated in a low, hot voice. "Now I'm going to use you to fulfill my fantasies." She allowed her eyes to move up and down his body, then she stared him in the eyes again. "You're going to love this, I can promise you that."

Robert hadn't a clue what to say, so he only gulped again. "Elayne," he started weakly, not knowing why he was protesting.

She put a finger to his lips. "No talking right now," she ordered in that low, seductive voice. "Until I say this is done, you are not to talk until I give you leave to do so. I am your mistress; if you are good, you will get rewarded. If you are not..." Once again, she looked at him, then grinned evilly in his face. "If you're not, you'll have to be punished."

Something about how she said the last line turned him on royally. His erection, already getting too large for his jeans, grew again and he moaned.

"Ah ah ah, no sounds," Elayne admonished, grinning evilly. "You don't want me to punish you, do you?"

'Yes I do' Robert thought, but just shook his head.

"Good," Elayne stated. "Now, to get you out of these clothes." She studied his shirt, a soiled dirty one that he used only for work. "This will have to go," she stated simply.

He watched, stunned that his meek little wife could be this daring, as she slowly snipped his dirty shirt from his body. Her body was up against him, moving against his as she sheared his shirt from his body. Her breasts were rubbing against his stomach, and he looked at them hungrily. How tasty he remembered them being...he had always loved his wife's breasts...

She felt his perusal and smiled in response. She could easily see he still desired her; if that bulge in his pants said nothing more, he still thought she was a hot object. She moved closer to him as she peeled his shirt off his torso, her hands brushing against a nipple as it went past. Her tongue followed spontaneously, and she was rewarded with a shiver. "It's going to get better," she promised.

She flattened her hands against his chest, massaging the muscles there. Her thumb occassionally flicked the nipple on his pectoral, and he closed his eyes. Emboldened, she began moving her hands down, then moved behind him and put her arms about him. "Remember two years ago, in Las Vegas when we took our second honeymoon?" she asked in her low voice. "Remember when we were on the beach, nobody around, and we were suntanning ourselves. I had wanted to get my back tanned, so I was lying on my towel with my strap untied ... Do you remember what you did?"

Robert grew even larger as he remembered his wife's response even then. He had stared at her for a while, then begun kissing her neck, trailing kisses down her back. As he'd come to her buttocks, she'd opened her legs for him, allowing him access to those parts he loved most about her. Oh, how she'd moaned while he'd eaten that delicious feast... "Yeah," he croaked out, "I remember."

Her hands moved lower on his abdomen to the fly of his jeans. "Remember how delirious I was, thrashing about and moving against your tongue, telling you how wonderful you were...?" She unbuttoned his fly and slipped the pants from around his waist, letting them fall to the ground.

He certainly did remember; and the mere thought was turning him on!

She positioned her body behind his, moving up to her tiptoes to put her mons in alignment with just under his buttocks. "You don't know how good it felt when you finally came over me, covering me with your body as I sheathed you inside me. I always believed that position was the best..."

The feel of his wife's mons moving against his buttocks made him moan. "Elayne, undo these handcuffs," he stated in a husky voice. "We can do that again if you want..."

Elayne was tempted. She was already so hot from what she was doing it was difficult to even talk. She wanted her husband to throw her on the bed and take her like he used to, fast and furiously. But it simply wasn't fair to him that he always pleased her and never himself was pleased. Except for the few times she'd performed oral sex on him they'd never thought about his own pleasure. So she firmed her resolve and shook her head. "No, this time it's your turn."

He moaned, both in frustration and anger. "Elayne," he stated angrily, but his tone only increased his wife's arousal.

"No, this time it's your turn to know what it feels like." Taking her thumbs and putting them inside the band of his underwear, she dropped that to the floor and stepped around to his front. One eyebrow quirked at what she saw; she'd actually never seen him this large!

Despite his position, Robert couldn't help but grin. "You like what you see?"

Elayne nodded, feeling a wetness between her own legs. She wanted him inside her now...."Not yet," she muttered, but whether to herself or to him neither really knew. She moved closer to his body, molding to him and beginning to kiss his chest as she whispered words of seduction. She reminded him of their past experiences together, all those wonderful trips they'd taken together on their anniversaries. As she talked, she blazed a trail with her mouth along his torso, tasting the increasingly salty flavor of his body. His own hips rocked frequently against her body as if he were reliving the memories she talked about, making her want to wrap her legs about him and end her own torment.

Her mouth moved down his body, past his belly button, past the cleft of his own legs. He held his breath as she licked the skin on the insides of his thighs, kissing around the inner side of his legs. Her head moved up as she kissed the space between his scrotum and penis; he jerked at the contact of her tongue there, coming close to climaxing then and there. But she moved her head away as if knowing what was going to happen and wanting to prolong it. Her face came along right in front of his penis, and their eyes locked for a moment. A wealth of information passed, then her head moved foward.

He sucked a hot breath in between his teeth as wet warmth enveloped his manhood, and his hips began rocking against his will. Elayne accommodated him, moving her mouth along with his strokes. She couldn't take the wait any more; her hand travelled down between her legs and moved inside her already moist opening, moving in the same rhythem as her husband was doing. She spread her knees a bit wider, moving her own hips against her hand.

Robert looked down at his wife as she got her own release, and he couldn't contain himself anymore. Waves of pleasure rolled through him as he ejaculated into his wife's mouth, uttering a hoarse shout as he did so. His wife never let up on her pumping, neither with her hand nor with her mouth until they were both fulfilled. Only when he was once again flaccid did she take him out of her mouth and stand up. She had to put her arms around his neck to hold herself up on shaky legs. She stared into his eyes, a satisfied smile on her face. "I told you you'd like it," she panted out.

He could only nod and stare at his wife. He loved her so much, this calm, serene seductress. Never had he imagined her to be this way...

"However, that wasn't what I had wanted," she stated primly, glancing at him coyly out of under her eyelashes. "I'm afraid we're going to have to go at it all over again."

And for Robert, the delicious torture began all over again.

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1997 Sarah Pearson