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Meet me

Sarah Elizabeth Kristina Pearson

Okay, here's another person's personal homepage. I'm sure you've seen literally millions of those on the internet; I know I have. I've been making homepages for about two years now, but I've never made one for me exclusively. They've always been some pseudoname I picked, or some theme I like, but never has there been a "Sarah's Homepage" page (well, except for one on Geocities but even that changed into a "Save the Wolves" page!).

I'm doing this to remedy that.

My full name is Sarah Elizabeth Kristina Pearson, and I am currently 19 years old. I attend(ed) Northwest Nazarene College for my freshman year in the 97-98 school year (my school ID number is 117997; easy to remember, right?), and am now working for the US Government's Corps of Engineers. I have red hair, brown eyes, fair skin that freckles more than it tans (GO FROM RED TO FRECKLED WITH SARAH'S SKIN!), am 5'9", and a bit overweight. I like fantasy, like dragons, gryphons, unicorns, and other creatures like that; science fiction appeals to me too, but the best scifi I like are books which combine science fiction and fantasy (as I said, I'm a fantasy buff).

One of my favorite hobbies is also webpage design. I literally have tons of pages out there! They are listed down at the bottom; check them all out!

I'm also into Role Playing Games. No, I don't get together with people and act out stuff; I'm more into play-by-email roleplaying games. What they are are games where groups of people get together and start writing about a character they themselves make up. It's simply interactive writing (something I love) and it's fun. You never know what people will have their characters say or do next. World Weavers is one of my favorite PBEM groups. It's not an RPG in itself but instead a huge organization that runs many many PBEM RPGs. Check it out too!

Enough about me. Probably the reason I've never had a page like this is because I'm so eclectic; every page I've ever made has some part of me in it. I'm not simply Sarah Pearson; I'm also Lady Loup, The Dragon Queen, Chandre's creator, Xhandria's creator, and many other things. No, I am not schitzoid! *grin* I just have many different interests, as you will see below.

My Web Pages

Realm of the Dragon Queen - My dragon page. Originally at Geocities, but I moved to Tripod because I didn't like the popups and watermark at GC. Now I'm having second thoughts about Tripod too....
Amber RPG Homepage - I run several homepages for many of the RPGs I'm in. This is the PBEM Amber from the world by Roger Zelazny.
Mirror of Amber RPG Homepage
Lady Loup's Wolf Lair - This is my "Save the Wolves" page. I love wolves almost as much as I love dragons.
The Land of Chandre - As I said, I loved interactive writing so this is my page. Unfortunately, it's not off to a great start.
Fantasy Lair Online - I told you I loved fantasy; this page just proves it. It's still under construction but I really like it
USS Orion RPG Homepage - Another RPG page I upkeep. This is for my Star Trek ship the USS Orion
Ragnarok RPG - Originally this page wasn't mine but I took it over when the former webmistress....passed on.
My Story Page - Always under construction, this is where I put my stories
Dragon Wolf Ranch - I like model horses, so this is my tribute to it
My School Page - Don't know if it's still up, but this is the page I made on the NNC server

Those are my pages. Check them all out, tell me what you think of them, and be wise!

(c) Sarah Pearson.