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 Follow your dream!  Unless it's the one where you're at work in your
 underwear during a fire drill.

I'm a joke-aholoc; I love a good joke. My favorite people are those that make me laugh, whether with their actions or the fact that they can tell good jokes.  I will admit, however, that I am not one of the best joke tellers; I can understand almost all jokes I get told but I can't reproduce them. (I'm also not good at snappy comebacks, but that's another story)  So I rely on good ol' written copies to convey the whole story.

I am part of a mailing list, distributed daily by Aiken Drum, *a joke a day*. Many of these jokes are from that list; but a lot are from friends who foward me messages they get from their friends, who get the jokes from who knows where. I love all types of jokes, from just plain sick humor, to Top Ten lists, to stupid quotes, etc.

On this page, however, I am not displaying any sick humor.  I'm certain there are other pages on the web that have those kinds of jokes, but I want this site to be family safe so there are no blond or dirty jokes (except those I might have overlooked). Some might be a little raunchier than others, but most are meant to either poke fun or just be funny. More will come as I find more fitting for my page. Enjoy!

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