A very basic outline

When Jamie met Laura
I. Jamie and Laura bump into each other a. in a store b. Jamie works there c. clerk II. Instant attraction a. their eyes meet b. she helps him bag the groceries c. he takes them to her car d. he nervously asks her out on a date; she accepts III. The Date a. They go to a good burger joint b. Laura thinks Jamie's very handsome; he thinks she's beautiful too. c. They share a soda IV. The Proposal a. Three years has passed b. They're very much in love c. He's nervous; he has a ring in his pocket d. They're at the same restaurant they began at e. He is about to ask but then the cake he'd bought for the occassion (after he proposes) is brought out too early f. He doesn't even ask; she knows automatically (from the writing on the cake) and tells him yes g. They kiss V. The Wedding a. Las Vegas b. Big wedding in Caesar's Palace c. Parents hate the other parents but love the kids together d. They are married (with either a Jewish rabbi or priest, unsure) VI. Afterwards a. They move into a huge house b. They get a dog c. Laura finds she's pregnant d. They live happily ever after. Very, VERY blase` story, but I hope you get the idea. :) Back
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