Well, can I just say it's really hard having numerous web pages spread all over the internet?
I have some on Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, TheGlobe...you name it, I've got at least one there.
Every free server here, I have one on it, and each web page is different. So, I'm going to
compromise: I'm keeping the pages, but moving them all to one place. Yes, it's yet ANOTHER
free server (ironically, freeservers.com), but I'm looking into my own server, honestly. No popups,
though, just a little bar at the top. When they go to popups, I'm outta there. Anyway,
come on over. I've renamed it Eclectic as there's going
to be a lot of stuff there (once I finish remodeling).

. . . e c l e c t i c . . .