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Phoenix Rising

From the distant burning ashes Past the dragons hoards and stashes Through the streets and nearby sashes Flies the incandescent Hand. Over distant deeps and thunder By the stars who ‘hold her wonder, Down the ladder, o’er and under The ofttimes quiet desert sand. Ever rising, ever dying Ever crying, always flying Never stopping, ever sighing Over some forgotten land. She is from first to never ending, From days of lore to times of rending, Ever with her golden sending, Off to do her fatal errand Worlds of wonder, without tire Have ever been her heart’s desire. Here she comes to give her fire To make her never ceasing stand. ******* Bloody conflicts, ravaged places; Dead grey trees dark red faces; Forged through swords arrows, maces Black with blood of countless races. Cold as ice and black as night He dwells in lands of undead fright His eyes far from the heat filled light That gives all creatures outer sight. His sight is much more deadly, see; He molds the dark to view all ye. The black becomes as thick as sea, Telling him the shape of me. His horrid goal, to black all light, And come to us from his True Night There’ll be no way for us to fight This final great display of might. Only one can halt this onslaught, Only one, unfully taught, Can thwart the black one and his lot And save the blood of Man. By Sarah Pearson

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