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The Lair's Poetry

I have found that I have taken a liking to poetry. It needn't be flowing; it needn't rhyme (although I like poetry that does). Poetry is the expression of the heart; it tells what you feel better than anything you can do on prose. There needn't be any form to poetry; just whatever you think of at the moment and decide to tell.

These below are my poems. Some rhyme; some don't. Some flow; others are disjointed. But all are good examples of poetry in my (biased) opinion. If you believe otherwise, though, PLEASE tell me! I won't bite your head off if you say you don't like it; I'll probably thank you if you tell me ways to improve it. At the bottom of each page is a link to my Critique form. Please fill this out for each poem, being as detailed with your dislikes or likes as you can. You can be general, saying you liked it or hated it, but I'd like some feedback. Thank you.

Copywrite rules

Phoenix Rising
My first try at an epic poem. I've got a ways to go, but here's my beginning so far.

If Only
This was just something I thought of about memories of mine

I just started writing, and this came out.

Pet Heaven
I wrote this just on a whim, but it helped my aunt, and myself, cope with the loss of pets.

I was very bored, and it just came.

Forgotten, We
I was feeling particularly lonely and had just seen _Ever After_

I like books; what else can I say?

Don't ask! It was on a whim!

I wrote this at the same time as Today and Whatever

Another nonesense poem from a bored mind

For Hearts That Have Never Been Loved
I had just seen "Ever After" and "Zorro" and felt this. It twisted as it came out though.

Any comments? Ideas? Please email me with any critiques or comments you have about my works. I'd really appreciate it. I also have a form you may fill out if emailing is too much a hassle.

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