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                  THOSE DIRTY WORDS

 A young couple got married & went on a cruise for their honeymoon.
 When they got back from the honeymoon, the bride immediately called
 her mother, who lived a couple of hours away.

 "Well, darling," said her mom, "how was the honeymoon?"

 "Oh, mother," she replied, "the honeymoon was wonderful! So
 romantic, we had a terrific time! But, mother, as soon as we
 returned, Sam began using really horrible language... Stuff I'd never
 heard before... Really terrible 4-letter words... You've got to come
 get me and take me home... PLEASE MOTHER!"

 And the new bride began to sob over the telephone.

 But honey," the mother countered, "WHAT 4-letter words?"

 "I can't tell you, mother," said the daughter, "they're too awful!
 COME GET ME, P L E A S E !!!"

 "Darling daughter, you must tell me what has you so upset...
 Tell mother the 4-letter words!"

 Still sobbing, the bride said, "Mother....words like: