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The Webmistress

Well, what can one say about onesself and not sound conceited? Maybe I'll just keep to the bare basics now. My full name is Sarah Elizabeth Kristina Pearson, and I'm a California girl through and through. I live just outside Sacramento (at least, it's my permanent address) with my family, which consists of a sister, a mother, a father, two dogs (one of which is my mother's "other" child), two horses, and a cat. We have five acres which my parents love to keep up and a house we bought already built with four levels and pink carpet (which my sister hates). I graduated from high school in 1998 and am currently attending college at Northwest Nazarene College.

I have many joys in life, but I see myself as relatively easy to please. It's not hard to make me laugh; tell me a funny story, even one I've heard before, and I'm guarenteed to give you at least a giggle. I love to write, as you might see if you go to my story page, and I absolutely love to read. The genre I read most is fantasy (dragons, elves, castles, etc) but I also enjoy an occasional romance novel or Steven King book (you should try his "Gunslinger" books; dark but good).

I am also a very prolific web page maker. As of currently I have over 15 web pages with many many sub pages that branch off. At the bottom of this page I list every (main) webpage I can think of, but there are always the ones I can't think of.

I am the artistic sort; all of the banners you find on my page are made by me with graphics I've filched off the net (no folks, I'm sadly not talented enough to make all my own graphics, but then again I haven't tried all that hard). I love to paint, and have taken an interest in model horses (Breyers, resin horses, etc) through a friend. I like to draw too, but I express my artistic side mostly through writing.

As you can probably see, I am very eclectic (meaning, I like many different things). I am an animal lover, and one of my pages below is devoted to this. Right now I can't think of anything else to put so without further ado, here are a list of the pages I can remember:

The Writing Loft (this one, silly!)
My dragon-devoted page
Lady Loup's Lair *
Dragon Wolf Farms *
Amber RPG Homepage
USS Orion Homepage
Ragnarok RPG Homepage
Fantasy Lair Online *
Sarah's Lair -- On my school server
The Land of Chandre *

Note: Pages with the * after them aren't finished.

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