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Copywrite Laws of "Sarah's Writing Loft" story page.

Anyone is allowed to read material posted on this page, "Sarah's Writing Nook". However, unless permission is given, the Webmistress would kindly ask you to please refrain from putting any material on any web pages, or making a link to the page, or any page, in Realm of the Dragon Queen. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be first warned, then will have a complaint sent to their webmaster; the problem will hopefully be taken care of. Also, any material that is taken from this page and duplicated in book or novel form, or short story form, without the author's permission will get no warning except for a lawyer at their door.

It is not my wish to offend. Anyone who only wants to read the work of an amateur writer is fine with me to read. I'd also enjoy any comments about my stories.

Agree to copywrite stipulations
Disagree to copywrite stipulations

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