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I am an avid writer; it's one of my passions. Ask anyone who knows me well, and they'll say that I could make a career out of my writing. But for now, it's just a hobby.

Below are some stories and poetry I've written. Some of them are rather old, and some of them are new, but please feel free to look around. Some are unfinished works which I'm still writing, so keep checking back. Give me any criticisms about my works, or things I did good; I thrive on that. People seem to think that a person will turn suicidal with one negative comment! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Copywrite rules

The Christmas Story
A story I did a while back about the Christmas story (Mary and Joseph)

Pet Heaven
I wrote this just on a whim, but it helped my aunt, and myself, cope with the loss of pets.

I like books; what else can I say?

Online Love
Something I thought up; might be a longer story in the future.

Don't ask! It was on a whim!

I wrote this at the same time as Today and Whatever

Another nonesense poem from a bored mind

Only the River Runs Free
I saw the title on a book, and this idea popped into my mind

Starting Over
Actually, this was an introductory post to a PBEM I used to be part of

A Child Dragon
Was going to be the prologue to a story; hope it will be again someday

Another intro to another PBEM I was a part of

Phoenix Rising
My first try at an epic poem. I've got a ways to go, but here's my beginning so far.

For Hearts That Have Never Been Loved
I had just seen "Ever After" and "Zorro" and felt this. It twisted as it came out though.

I just started writing, and this came out.

If Only
This was just something I thought of about memories of mine

Any comments? Ideas? Please email me with any critiques or comments you have about my works. I'd really appreciate it. I also have a form you may fill out if emailing is too much a hassle.

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